Nastassiya grew up in the historic town of Orsha, Belarus. In her adolescence, Nastassiya embarked on a remarkable musical journey, drawing on diverse genres of music including classical rock, folk, pop and metal. Inspired by the music of Picknic, Pink Floyd, U2,Yanka Dyagileva, Notiliys Pompiliys, and Aria, Nastassiya began performing with rock bands at the age 12.

After cutting her teeth with rock outfits Ono and Tityl, Nastassiya began composing for the pagan black metal outfit Apraxia.

A complicated collaboration diminished Nastassiya’s enthusiasm for music, and she took time away to focus her energies on exploring world philosophies. After attending university in Minsk, she emigrated to the United States, where she graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Psychology from Hunter College in New York City. Currently Nastassiya studies Music Psychotherapy at New York University.

In the United States, Nastassiya has rediscovered her love for songwriting and performing. In 2010 she released debut album, Red Balloon, which received warm reviews from the audience. At that time Nastassiya also wrote her first novel «Men With Red Ties, Diary of an Émigré» which unlocked her literary talents and established Nastassiya not only as a singer but as a promising author too.

Nastassiya’s second album, Porcelain Doll, is released on July 7, 2011. She is also working on her second novel that is to be published by the end of the year.


From four albums, Porcelain Doll, Red Balloon, To Asia with Love and Conviction there are quite a few songs to choose for your liking, and I am sure you would definitely find what you like. Natassiya’s style is reminiscent of – Shirley Manson with an Evanescence twist. Although she comes into her own on songs, “The Real Thing”, the punchy tune -“Porcelain Doll”, and the ballad “Bridges”; To name a few. There is an invisible symmetry between her tone, and the vibrato that gives a clear angelic sound. On some songs, like; Waiting, and Ready Made Mask you really hear the mesmerizing registers of her voice.
Natassiya’s music is fun, and entertaining with lots of ear candy. The productions on the tracks are fantastic. The instrumental compositions only make the creative intrigue more delightful. The song, “7 Stops to Go”, give you a fresh glimpse of what is to come with Natassiya. While songs like, “One By One”, get you ready to groove, and become enchanted with her ever emerging talents.
Also she adds more spice into her basket of talent- With the album, “To Love with Asia” where the album is done in another language entirely. Natassiya clearly shows how diverse she is. She makes singing in a different language sound great. Whether you are hanging out, or having coffee hour, Natassiya’s music will move you, give you hope and inspiration, and treat your cares delicately with love like that of a – Porcelain Doll

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Song recommendations (First crack):
Everbody-Everday, and Ready Made Mask

Fan Quotes

«Compelling voice – moody, expressive. I was hoping for a touch more Slavic influence, but definitely a very strong showing. Nice work, Nastassiya.» – Atomick Shaman

«One of the best female singers I’ve listened to in recent memory. Songs are so mesmerizing and nice to listen to. I look forward to listening to any more music you put out in the future.» – Thomas Calabrese

«You music has such a fresh sound! The lyrics are really well-written, and the music is just enrapturing. I haven’t been this addicted to a single artist in a long while. Fantastic job!» – Andy Burlile

«Thank you for sharing your marvelous and magnificent voice with us!» – Philip Jay Matricardi

«I love your voice, you remind me of Regina Spektor but you definitely have your own style. Very refreshing.» – David Umani

«Wow, i love your Music! you are one of my favorite discovery’s of 2011 Hands down i will be telling alot of my friends about you. Amazing i love it I love it omg I love it. looking foward to much more. my best wishes on you, and your future successes. thank you for you fresh contribution to the music scene.» – Rocky Ware

« I love your lyrics and music writing style!!! So hard to come across unique musicians and you’re it!» – Sara Mosier

«What a smooth, sensuous and pleasant voice. The tunes are easy to listen to and possess depth and feeling. Well done Nastassiya!» – Silvio Wolf Busch