Nastassiya grew up in the historic town of Orsha, Belarus. After attending university in Minsk, she emigrated to the United States, where she completed studies in Philosophy and Psychology.

In her adolescence, Nastassiya embarked on a remarkable musical journey, drawing on diverse genres of music including classical rock, folk, pop and metal. Inspired by the music of Picknic, Pink Floyd, U2,Yanka Dyagileva, Notiliys Pompiliys, and Aria, Nastassiya began performing with rock bands at the age 12.

After cutting her teeth with rock outfits Ono and Tityl, Nastassiya began composing for the pagan black metal outfit Apraxia. A complicated collaboration diminished Nastassiya’s enthusiasm for music, and she took time away to focus her energies on exploring world philosophies.

Now in the United States, Nastassiya has rediscovered her love for songwriting and performing. With her debut album, Nastassiya explored the complexities of human interaction on the epic and haunting Red Balloon.